Loved up in Durham

We’re a loved up bunch in Durham, according to a new national survey by UK property site Rightmove. The results of Rightmove’s Alternative Census are out and, appropriately for the run up to Valentine’s Day, Durham tops the poll for happiness in relationships.

30,000 people across the UK responded to Rightmove’s survey, with questions ranging from love and relationships, nights out and dating habits, to ghost sightings, UFOs and nude neighbours. The romance ratings are the first to be released, in time for February 14th next week. The answers give an extra, and very quirky insight into different areas of the country, whether you’re planning to move or not.

In answer to the question ‘How happy are you in your current relationship?’, 98.7% of respondents in Durham said ‘happy’ or ‘mostly happy’, the highest in the UK outside the London boroughs. But don’t get all comfy and cosy on that sofa with your significant other. We also ranked the highest for the average number of nights out per week socialising with friends and family (2.9 nights each week). I wonder if there is a link there?


With all our time spent socialising, perhaps it isn’t a surprise that fewer people in Durham (9%) are using internet dating than the average of 11% elsewhere; the extra nights out could be providing more opportunities to meet the perfect partner. Only 16.9% of people said they were currently single, compared to an average of 19% across the country.

The statistics:

  • 98.7% are happy or mostly happy in their relationship
  • we spend an average of 2.9 nights per week socialising
  • 16.9% of people in Durham said they were single, which is below the national average of 19%
  • only 9% had used internet dating, again less than the average of 11%

  • Exclusive
    Rightmove has kindly given Mumsnet Durham a sneak preview of some of the in-depth figures behind the data. On the question of happiness in relationships, the breakdown by gender was 100% of women saying they were happy or mostly happy, while 3% of men reported being unhappy. I wonder if there is a real difference in how happy men and women are here, or if there may be a difference in the way we interpret the options we each choose? Roughly the same proportions (71% of men and 73% of women) choose the firm and decisive ‘happy’, so does the more tentative ‘mostly happy’ mean different things depending on how full or empty your glass is?

    But semantics aside, it is good news for the love birds of Durham. If you aren’t lucky enough to live here already and you’re looking for a new home, you might do well to head here too. St. Valentine has smiled on us and we might just be the perfect location for maintaining long-term love.

    Look out for more facts and figures coming soon from the Alternative Census.

    Why not tell us what you think about the results of the survey here on the Mumsnet Durham talkboards?

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